Editing Fee : 1 job = 10,800 Japanese yen (tax inclusive)

Please note:  payment instructions will be provided after your application has been confirmed. You cannot cancel your order after payment has been made.



How to pay

  • Payment by credit card (PayPal)

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover



What kind of material do we accept?

  • We can only accept material that was created by the applicant (i.e. pieces that do not have copyright or authorship issues)
  • Submitted material may be an etude, a completed work, or a work-in-progress
  • Please name the file with the pen-name you used in your application form
  • If you are submitting still images they must be in JPEG or PNG format
  • For animation works, please save your JPEG or PNG files using serial numbers and submit in a compressed Zip file

*Number your drawings in order e.g. A01, A02 A03…

  • For animation works, 1 job can include up to 10 images
  • Each image must be no more than 15MB (whether JPEG or PNG)

*Please upload your material in 1 file. If you have applied for 1 job, please do not make multiple uploads. 

* For animation works, name the folder using your pen-name, and use serial numbers for each file.

*If you wish to submit more than 10 images from the same piece, you should apply for two (or more) jobs, and upload all images from the piece in one file.

*We may not accept material if we consider the type or content to be inappropriate.

*We do not edit anything other than the drawing itself (e.g text)

*We do accept derivatives of original works by Studio Durian.

*We do not accept moving images. We do not accept postal submissions. In case of receiving such deliveries, we cannot return it to the sender.



Service flow

Application form  Fill in the application form and click to send 

Upload your files  We will send you a confirmation email with an upload link. Click on the link and upload your files.

Payment   After receiving your files, we will send you instructions about about how to make your credit card payment and the payment deadline (PayPal).

Confirmation of payment       Once your payment has been received, we will inform you of the estimated completion date and start editing your work.

Completion notification  We will send you an email containing the edited material by the time of the estimated completion date. 

*We will send you an automated email soon after receiving your application form. If you do not receive an email from us, please check your spam folder or contact us at <info@studio-durian.jp>.



  • The edited material will be mainly in Japanese.
  • You are free to use the edited material in whatever way you like.

* Edited material means original drawings which have been directly edited, original drawings shown side-by-side with the edited version, and edited images which have been incorporated into moving images. In each of these cases, ‘Edited Material’ refers to the combination of the original drawing and the edited version.

  • Studio Durian may wish to use the Edited Material for the purpose of commentary or promotion through various media such as books, videos, internet or exhibitions, for an indefinite period of time. We do not offer any compensation for this. If we wish to sell the edited materials on a standalone basis we will contact you to discuss. 
  • You shall not exercise moral rights of authorship against the Company or any third party designated by us. We will use your pen-name provided at the time of application to indicate authorship. 
  • Please read the Editing Service User Agreement for full details.



Editing Fee : 1 job = 10,800 Japanese yen (tax inclusive)

Please note:  payment instructions will be provided after your application has been confirmed. You cannot cancel your order after payment has been made.


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